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Hello there, again. Look at me updating! yeeeah. I'm posting cause i'm about to start a legacy. I'm taking good old little Buck into Sunset Valley and i'm finally gonna watch him grow old (which will creep me out to no end) But eh. I need something new.Though it'll be by my rules, i've never really followed anyone elses legacy and only know how it works cause a real life friend did one years ago. Founder mates with someone, has kidlets, etc etc. Should run smooth cause everyone will grow old in real time. And just for shits and giggles, i'm gonna do the actually having to earn money thing, cause eh, challenge and all that.
Do i have to name it? Uhh. I'll get back to you on that one.
 So expect that soon!
Here have a picture of Buck...
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Uh, I'm back.... People still using this thing? I've been away from the sims for 9 month... (oh god that sounds like I've had a baby... I haven't...) TL;DR )

So anyway, it took me hours today to get my game running, i deleted everything last month then couldn't be bothered to fix it. Today i did. Here's what I did.

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Does anyone remember Felicia and April? No? Well whatever i remade them for the sims 3. Along with a new, nosebleed inducing-ly bright beach house... Ohoho Yes, my beach houses are back!

No pictures of the outside though, because it isn't finished yet (:

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In other news i have a terrible cough...
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Hey guys, long time no speak. Hmm, real life right now is interesting, last week i had a bit of an hyperactive episode. I was repetitively twitching, talking at twice the normal speed but saying half as much, etc etc. It wasn't nice hyperactivity though, it was scary. This comes and goes now, but it was only very bad once. I had a 'depressed' episode on Friday too, it didn't last too long, but it lasted long enough that i had to leave college and go home before i got into a state... blehh, I'm getting there... Slowly.
I actually wanted to post as i have Sims pictures to show. My neighborhood is a bit of a mess, half of the landscape is empty and some of the roads are wonky, but I'm building lots.
This is Dan's house.

More pictures, snip snip! )

May post the kitchen on GoS, haven't posted over there in forever...

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Hey guys,
A just a little update here, personally i am not too bad. Slowly getting there, but the increase in medication seems to have curbed my mood swings somewhat, so I'm somewhat coping. I'm going out to see my friends boyfriends band tonight, which should be fun, I'll get to catch up with people. My dad came home yesterday with a surprise for me in the form of a new mobile phone. Which is nice, as I've never had a brand new phone in my life, always ones others don't want. It's got a big touchscreen and its purple, shiny and fancy. It's pretty cool.

Anyway i came to post to tell you how my whole blogging is going to be working from now on.
I am going to be posting from Dreamwidth, for sims and personal related blogs. This then cross posts to LiveJournal. Therefore, my posts on there will not change from before. I will be checking both friends pages.
My main artwork (this is fan art, college work, some photography) will be put up on my DeviantART as normal.
I also have another blog Something For The Suffering, which will be home to other artwork. Currently it's completely based around Dan and Buck (and friends) and story telling relating to them. Also i will be posting other work there, Photography that i don't feel is right for my Deviant art, sketches etc.
Over the Easter break from college I'm planning to go out and spend a lot of time doing arty things. Like buying day passes for the bus and deciding where to go by the roll of a dice. I will document these days in full. This sort of thing will be uploaded to SFTS too.
SFTS exists to get me out of the lack of creativity i am suffering from right now. College is dragging me down, and i don't feel like I'm working to the standard i should, due to personal lack of enthusiasm. I need to get this back and this is how I'm going to do it. Therefore, it doesn't matter if i have 1 reader or 100. But everyone is welcome to come along for the ride!
Just a warning though, i am utterly mental. I talk about Dan and Buck like they exist, and i go into depth about them that i haven't previously. This is as close as it gets to have split personalities without actually having them.

I also want to point you over to my partner in crime aTeePee's blog Doodloodle As she is awesome. I made her a feed over here on DW [syndicated profile] ateepee_feed if you want to follow her!
And here's my feed also [syndicated profile] thesuffering_feed 
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Here's some random bits of work left over from college, that i only have on the college computers. As you can probably guess this means i am at college right now, and incredibly bored.

Okay, so excuse me for the HUGE sizes of the photos...
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I set out to make myself a few Emilie Autumn icons, and went a bit overboard. So if anyone else wants to use any, i made 30 of them!


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I know I've ranted about how I'd never share Buck and friends, as they were something incredibly personal to me. Maybe I'm just feeling down and hoping that I'll get warm fuzzies from someone downloading these guys. But i feel like it's time i shared them. I've been hoarding Buck to myself for years now and i guess a few people may want him? Either way the sims 2 is on it's way out whether i want to believe it or not. I'm sharing the whole family because it doesn't feel right if i don't. So here we go.

Buck Bourbon )

Dan Wylde )

Wendy Bourbon )

Joseph Bourbon )

For once i do have a bit of a TOU. These Sims mean a lot to me for several reasons. They are characters that i've created and i love. I'd appreciate it if you didn't share any of these Sims anywhere, edit them and/or claim them as your own. I have no control with what you do with these guys in your game, so that's up to you. But i might be slightly upset if i found you you'd made Dan thin or something :P
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Yes, another. And you can download this one too. Personally i think it's pretty cool. You go in the entrance at the front, down the stairs to the basement? and there's a door out to the beach. Yes i am impressed easily.
This isn't really furnished inside, it has a bit of a kitchen that is all basegame, and a bathroom/an extra toilet, which is guatla's Broken Bathroom. Outside uses various CC which is included.

Bon Voyage is required obviously. I have all expansions but pets, i also used somehalf walls, which means you need nightlife or OFB... erm. sorry.
You know my T.O.U do what you want with this, i don't care. Feel free to mangle it however you see fit.
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My first lot upload. So hopefully, everything's gone okay. I tried to remove most of the random extra recolours it packaged, but i have a feeling there is a few left. I installed the lot back into my own game and tested it, and it works OK as far as i can tell. If you have any problems, or anything blue and flashy, let me know and i can hopefully point everyone in the direction of anything extra they need to download if that is the case. I'd also appreciate it if you let me know if everything went fine, just to stop me panicking. The file is pretty big, so sorry about that. All the pictures of the lot are the same as my post from before, but the pictures are here again for those people not on my F-list.

I'm not sure on the EP's you need for this. I have all expansions but Pets. Obviously you need Bon Voyage too, but as for the rest, i don't know.
As far as T.O.U, as usual i have none. Do what you want with this. Rip it apart, change it however you want, repost it as your own on TSR as pay if you must. But don't blame me when karma comes and bites you in the ass.

As for any other lot's i will possibly upload another few if i think people would like them.
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I said i was gonna do the radiator, and i have. They match the pipes/vents, but there is no 'grunge' colour, as i messed it up. (I'll do it again later more than likley.) Buck just had to be on the preview picture, because i felt bad for using Dan on the last one instead of him.
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Feb. 22nd, 2009 02:02 pm
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Okay well, heres a long ass post about Sims and shit. I imagine everyone who wants the ventilation shafts and pipes saw them on GoS. But as a back up just in case, i figure i should cross post my downloads here. There's also some recolours that semi match the other stuff, of that decorative sun, which in game is apparently called 'Le Cara Del sol'. I honestly don't know what expansion it came with, so yeah. It comes in the four colours shown below and pink. (in case you have any weird Sims that watch to match their decoratives to their air vents...)

Downloads Here (: )
I'm also gonna start recolouring the AL radiator too, as that came in some shitty colours. I'll probably end up with a whole set of random crap in the same colour schemes. Anything else i post will more than likley just be here though. People have been saying they don't have AL, so maybe I'll have a go matching some custom stuff to the ones I've already done, (it's just that SimPE hates me!)
Also, new sim! )

Also, i feel so cool being on the updates page on GoS. Yes i'm sad. I also checked how many times all my files have been download on Box. Wendy Bourbon, has been downloaded over 400 times, i worry what over 400 people are doing with little Wendy in game haha.
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BBQ sauce???
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Due to a few events, spying, taking better judgment over my first thoughts of letting all hell break loose and if i does so what. And my own paranoia of cause. My LJ is basically friends only.

I'm Murderdoll from GOS if i happen to add you and you're like, OMG WHOS THIS!?!  It's me. Ahem.

So if theres anyone out there who actually wants to read this, add me as a friend.
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