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Uh, I'm back.... People still using this thing? I've been away from the sims for 9 month... (oh god that sounds like I've had a baby... I haven't...) TL;DR )

So anyway, it took me hours today to get my game running, i deleted everything last month then couldn't be bothered to fix it. Today i did. Here's what I did.

Snip )
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Hey guys, long time no speak. Hmm, real life right now is interesting, last week i had a bit of an hyperactive episode. I was repetitively twitching, talking at twice the normal speed but saying half as much, etc etc. It wasn't nice hyperactivity though, it was scary. This comes and goes now, but it was only very bad once. I had a 'depressed' episode on Friday too, it didn't last too long, but it lasted long enough that i had to leave college and go home before i got into a state... blehh, I'm getting there... Slowly.
I actually wanted to post as i have Sims pictures to show. My neighborhood is a bit of a mess, half of the landscape is empty and some of the roads are wonky, but I'm building lots.
This is Dan's house.

More pictures, snip snip! )

May post the kitchen on GoS, haven't posted over there in forever...

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I know I've ranted about how I'd never share Buck and friends, as they were something incredibly personal to me. Maybe I'm just feeling down and hoping that I'll get warm fuzzies from someone downloading these guys. But i feel like it's time i shared them. I've been hoarding Buck to myself for years now and i guess a few people may want him? Either way the sims 2 is on it's way out whether i want to believe it or not. I'm sharing the whole family because it doesn't feel right if i don't. So here we go.

Buck Bourbon )

Dan Wylde )

Wendy Bourbon )

Joseph Bourbon )

For once i do have a bit of a TOU. These Sims mean a lot to me for several reasons. They are characters that i've created and i love. I'd appreciate it if you didn't share any of these Sims anywhere, edit them and/or claim them as your own. I have no control with what you do with these guys in your game, so that's up to you. But i might be slightly upset if i found you you'd made Dan thin or something :P


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