Mar. 20th, 2010

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Hey guys,
A just a little update here, personally i am not too bad. Slowly getting there, but the increase in medication seems to have curbed my mood swings somewhat, so I'm somewhat coping. I'm going out to see my friends boyfriends band tonight, which should be fun, I'll get to catch up with people. My dad came home yesterday with a surprise for me in the form of a new mobile phone. Which is nice, as I've never had a brand new phone in my life, always ones others don't want. It's got a big touchscreen and its purple, shiny and fancy. It's pretty cool.

Anyway i came to post to tell you how my whole blogging is going to be working from now on.
I am going to be posting from Dreamwidth, for sims and personal related blogs. This then cross posts to LiveJournal. Therefore, my posts on there will not change from before. I will be checking both friends pages.
My main artwork (this is fan art, college work, some photography) will be put up on my DeviantART as normal.
I also have another blog Something For The Suffering, which will be home to other artwork. Currently it's completely based around Dan and Buck (and friends) and story telling relating to them. Also i will be posting other work there, Photography that i don't feel is right for my Deviant art, sketches etc.
Over the Easter break from college I'm planning to go out and spend a lot of time doing arty things. Like buying day passes for the bus and deciding where to go by the roll of a dice. I will document these days in full. This sort of thing will be uploaded to SFTS too.
SFTS exists to get me out of the lack of creativity i am suffering from right now. College is dragging me down, and i don't feel like I'm working to the standard i should, due to personal lack of enthusiasm. I need to get this back and this is how I'm going to do it. Therefore, it doesn't matter if i have 1 reader or 100. But everyone is welcome to come along for the ride!
Just a warning though, i am utterly mental. I talk about Dan and Buck like they exist, and i go into depth about them that i haven't previously. This is as close as it gets to have split personalities without actually having them.

I also want to point you over to my partner in crime aTeePee's blog Doodloodle As she is awesome. I made her a feed over here on DW [syndicated profile] ateepee_feed if you want to follow her!
And here's my feed also [syndicated profile] thesuffering_feed 


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