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Okay well, heres a long ass post about Sims and shit. I imagine everyone who wants the ventilation shafts and pipes saw them on GoS. But as a back up just in case, i figure i should cross post my downloads here. There's also some recolours that semi match the other stuff, of that decorative sun, which in game is apparently called 'Le Cara Del sol'. I honestly don't know what expansion it came with, so yeah. It comes in the four colours shown below and pink. (in case you have any weird Sims that watch to match their decoratives to their air vents...)

Download Ventilation

Download Pipes


I'm also gonna start recolouring the AL radiator too, as that came in some shitty colours. I'll probably end up with a whole set of random crap in the same colour schemes. Anything else i post will more than likley just be here though. People have been saying they don't have AL, so maybe I'll have a go matching some custom stuff to the ones I've already done, (it's just that SimPE hates me!)
Also, new sim!

Also, i feel so cool being on the updates page on GoS. Yes i'm sad. I also checked how many times all my files have been download on Box. Wendy Bourbon, has been downloaded over 400 times, i worry what over 400 people are doing with little Wendy in game haha.


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Wow great recolors. I'm loving those pipes, hot pink yay! Thanks Murderdoll.
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Re: Noice!

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Thanks (: Glad you like them.