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2011-01-03 01:42 am

*Tap Tap* Is this thing on?

Uh, I'm back.... People still using this thing? I've been away from the sims for 9 month... (oh god that sounds like I've had a baby... I haven't...) TL;DR )

So anyway, it took me hours today to get my game running, i deleted everything last month then couldn't be bothered to fix it. Today i did. Here's what I did.

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2010-03-29 09:29 pm
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The return of The Beach Houses!

Does anyone remember Felicia and April? No? Well whatever i remade them for the sims 3. Along with a new, nosebleed inducing-ly bright beach house... Ohoho Yes, my beach houses are back!

No pictures of the outside though, because it isn't finished yet (:

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In other news i have a terrible cough...
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2009-04-19 12:31 am
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Beach House #9 (+ download!)

Yes, another. And you can download this one too. Personally i think it's pretty cool. You go in the entrance at the front, down the stairs to the basement? and there's a door out to the beach. Yes i am impressed easily.
This isn't really furnished inside, it has a bit of a kitchen that is all basegame, and a bathroom/an extra toilet, which is guatla's Broken Bathroom. Outside uses various CC which is included.

Bon Voyage is required obviously. I have all expansions but pets, i also used somehalf walls, which means you need nightlife or OFB... erm. sorry.
You know my T.O.U do what you want with this, i don't care. Feel free to mangle it however you see fit.
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2009-04-16 11:20 pm
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Beach house #8 Download

My first lot upload. So hopefully, everything's gone okay. I tried to remove most of the random extra recolours it packaged, but i have a feeling there is a few left. I installed the lot back into my own game and tested it, and it works OK as far as i can tell. If you have any problems, or anything blue and flashy, let me know and i can hopefully point everyone in the direction of anything extra they need to download if that is the case. I'd also appreciate it if you let me know if everything went fine, just to stop me panicking. The file is pretty big, so sorry about that. All the pictures of the lot are the same as my post from before, but the pictures are here again for those people not on my F-list.

I'm not sure on the EP's you need for this. I have all expansions but Pets. Obviously you need Bon Voyage too, but as for the rest, i don't know.
As far as T.O.U, as usual i have none. Do what you want with this. Rip it apart, change it however you want, repost it as your own on TSR as pay if you must. But don't blame me when karma comes and bites you in the ass.

As for any other lot's i will possibly upload another few if i think people would like them.