lolabourbon: (Ace Frehley)
lolabourbon ([personal profile] lolabourbon) wrote2011-01-03 01:42 am

*Tap Tap* Is this thing on?

Uh, I'm back.... People still using this thing? I've been away from the sims for 9 month... (oh god that sounds like I've had a baby... I haven't...) Anyway. There is a reason, two reasons, the least prominent being Lolita. Yeah, I'm a lolita now. OTT sweet for that matter... Spending money i don't have on dresses etc. etc. The most prominent reason is i finally found myself a Dan of my own. I finally got the real life guy of my dreams. Things are a little awkward.. we aren't officially a couple yet, so i don't want to talk about it too much (but we've been together 9 month now) in a few month we should be 'official'
Today finally felt ready to boot back up the sims. It's been a rock for me, when i can drift off to my other world and forget about the real one for a while. And honestly, i missed Dan ):

So anyway, it took me hours today to get my game running, i deleted everything last month then couldn't be bothered to fix it. Today i did. Here's what I did.

Tea and Dan live together now. Tiny little beach house :3

They both got a bit of a re-vamp. <3