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I know I've ranted about how I'd never share Buck and friends, as they were something incredibly personal to me. Maybe I'm just feeling down and hoping that I'll get warm fuzzies from someone downloading these guys. But i feel like it's time i shared them. I've been hoarding Buck to myself for years now and i guess a few people may want him? Either way the sims 2 is on it's way out whether i want to believe it or not. I'm sharing the whole family because it doesn't feel right if i don't. So here we go.

Marvel in the excellence of my preview pictures! XD
First up Mr Buck Bourbon. I place him at about 25-26 year old, gets into a whole load of fights and has a pretty bad alcohol problem. He's bisexual, but has no respect whatsoever for women. If i had the patience/ability he would have a custom skin full of old school tattoos, other piercings and scars. He has the hugest back story ever, so i won't go into it, because it doesn't matter to anyone else but me. He's supposed to be totally OCD with water, there's always loads of untouched glasses of water all around the house, he wont take a bath because it freaks him out. I'm not sure of the exact spread of his personality points, but he's max in neatness, 0 or 1 nice point, he's lazy enough that he stands like a lazy sim, distribute the rest how you like. He's popularity aspiration with romance as secondary. His turn on's are jewelery and black hair or something, not sure. Buck likes rockabilly/psychobilly/country music mostly, as well as some classic rock.

You can find more pictures of him all over GOS and stuff if you like.
Anyway download Buck here
Clean Installer Screenshot

Bucks (sometimes) boyfriend Dan. About 23-24. Dan's severely agoraphobic, terrified of being touched, never been kissed, smokes way too much, especially when he's gaming. Would be rather intelligent if he could manage to bring his ideas together in an orderly fashion. He usually talks about two things at once and is a conspiracy theorist. And that's just what he'd be okay letting me tell you about him. Buck met Dan through Dan's slut of a sister. She looked after Dan for a year or so after he finally left the hospital, before finally abandoning him and just sending him checks to keep himself alive. Dan has a large amount of active points due to the fact he can't sit still, no outgoing points, isn't very neat and is fairly nice. His turn on's are creativity and custom hair, turn off is facial hair. Aspiration is Knowledge, family is secondary. He has no fashion sense, wears a lot of horrible patterned jumpers/cardigans, tries not to wear shoes but wears big stompy boots if he must. He'd be a cyber goth if he could fit in the clothes, his favorite band is Combichrist, he sits and listens to them quietly, it makes no sense.

Wendy Bourbon is Bucks younger sister. When Joseph left home she looked after him for years. Very much the mother figure of the family and the only one with a job. She works in a dodgy bar, wears short skirts and low cut tops to try and get tips but tries her best to not let Buck know. Wendy is already on GOS, but this version is slightly updated, if you have her already don't bother downloading again, she just has new CC and slightly squintier eyes. She has a fairly all round type of personality, she's pretty neat and nice. She family aspiration (and doesn't even have a secondary).

Download Wendy
Clean Installer Screenshot

Joseph is the Buck's big brother by not even a year. Pretty much as soon as Joseph was born his mum got pregnant again with Buck. Joseph is extremely indecisive, runs away when things get too much, is a wimp and very naive. He's gay but hasn't ever been in a relationship, so most people don't know. He's too infatuated with Buck. He has a decent amount of neat points, is shy, lots of nice points. Family Aspiration with pleasure as secondary.

Download Joseph here
Clean Installer Screenshot

For once i do have a bit of a TOU. These Sims mean a lot to me for several reasons. They are characters that i've created and i love. I'd appreciate it if you didn't share any of these Sims anywhere, edit them and/or claim them as your own. I have no control with what you do with these guys in your game, so that's up to you. But i might be slightly upset if i found you you'd made Dan thin or something :P

Date: 2009-06-02 01:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hee, I snagged 'em all. Thanks ever so much for sharing! (I should really do the same with all my sims, lol :P)


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